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Like all forms of data, we take your email security seriously. Email as a Service (EaaS) is compliant with HSCIC, national legislation and the NHS information governance toolkit.

Physical Security

Our mail servers are located within our secure data centre. You can read about our fail-safe systems here. The data centre is located in a facility which is gated and patrolled outside of business hours.

Access to the data centre is through a RFID card entry system, restricted to those who require access. There are four layers of RFID access to the core data centre, these are controlled through access lists and change control. Unauthorised individuals are not permitted access to the data centre.


Our email service encrypts transmitted data in line with HSCIC guidance. Users can encrypt email, attachments and provide a secure reply facility to external recipients. Information transmitted within a client organisation does not need to be encrypted, mail is stored within our secure data centre facility.


In line with the HSCIC guidance on cryptography, our encryption uses a AES256 block cipher within SPX, making our system current.

Our mail service is compliant with requirements for the handling and transmission of sensitive or identifiable information. There is no need for data processing or data sharing agreements. With us, your email is reliable and secure.