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Data Centre

We know that a loss of critical data in your service could have life-changing consequences. For this reason, we take securing and protecting your data seriously. Our data centre, located at the facilities management centre (FMC), is the foundation of our infrastructure. It is complemented by our secondary data centre, located at Russells Hall Hospital.

Because the safety and reliability of our service to you is our priority, these two data centres are connected by a separately-routed network, forming the backbone of our secure system.

All connections in the facilities management centre are on an IPVPN network and duplicated for additional security. There are also two separately-routed high speed connections across Dudley which provide a secure network ring between FMC and Russells Hall Hospital.

This means that in the event of a disaster at our main data centre, all major services would be provided from the Russells Hall Hospital site with hardly any loss of performance.

The main data centre at FMC has contingency for loss of power to the building, loss of cooling and any other interruptions to its secure operation. It is protected from fire and is also supported by a back-up generator capable of taking the full 'power load' of the data centre for seventy-two hours if necessary.

Services within the main data centre are also duplicated using two core network switches, which are interconnected, and two storage area networks. There are also multiple servers connected to provide a fail-safe back-up for your data.

Whatever happens, your data will be safe and your service will be unaffected. You can trust us on this.