Icons Networking


Getting data around your sites and between devices is critical. Keeping your team connected and ‘always on’ means you need a fast, secure and reliable network for your service.

We provide network connectivity through a managed IPVPN in partnership with Virgin Media. Security, speed and efficient use of bandwidth are delivered by 1Gbps central bearer circuits into our data centres which connect to separate VMB POPs. Bandwidth is scaled from 100Mbps to 1Gbps in 100Mbps increments, depending on the needs of individual sites. Those sites that need additional security and protection are routed to separate VMB POPs and traffic is segregated from other customer groups using virtual route forwarding.

Our IPVPN network prioritises different traffic types to ensure that your time and mission critical applications are dealt with quickly, unimpeded by the demands of the internet.

Our network helps you share information, communicate and save lives. Securely, safely.