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IP Telephony

You need a cost effective IP telephony system. Our service routes your calls to the cheapest provider and offers a range of functions that will save your teams money and time.

Extension Mobility

Because users log into their phones, a move means picking up a phone and plugging it in somewhere else. It’s that easy. Mobile staff can log into phones at different locations and their calls will follow them. We offer additional licences to create call centres that can route your calls according to staff skills or business rules.

Web Conferencing

Staff can use their phones, desktop or laptop to hold virtual meetings through our web browser conference system. Supplier meetings, multi-disciplinary reviews and small consultations can be managed over the system, leading to reduced travel time and costs. Industry research shows that many staff save up to 40 minutes a day using this technology.

Presence Awareness

Our system is integrated with the computer so that staff can use the online directory to make calls. The directory tells the caller if the person they are calling is free, engaged, out of the office or away, it then offers alternative contact methods, including voicemail, instant message or SMS. Our system saves time every day, it tells you who’s free and who isn’t. This technology reduces unnecessary emails by up to 30%.

Desktop Integration

Integration with later versions of Microsoft Office means that the telephone system can be used to support collaborative working, including shared project tasks and room conferencing. Seamless, integrated, simple. Our service will save you time and money.