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About Us

We know NHS

About Us... TeraFirma is part of Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust. We are a free-standing commercial organisation financially backed by the Trust. We provide all types of hosting and IT services to NHS and other organisations.

We know the NHS, we know healthcare. We understand your business and, in this fast-changing world, we know what you're up against. You're moving from fixed devices to mobile, using and protecting vast amounts of data to provide excellent healthcare and manage your services. It's a huge challenge and we're here to help.

We know Business

We understand cost pressures. We've demonstrated our ability to improve productivity and service levels. Our clients will tell you, don't just take from us.

Maybe you're a new business coming into the health economy. Using our experience and expertise, we can help you grow by designing the right support for you. We look forward to working with you.

Meet the Team

Adam Thomas

Chief Information Officer

Sarah Ellis

IT Operations Director

Lyndsey Parkes

IT Relationships Director

Karen Hale

Head of Cyber Security & IT Governance

Brent Beadle

Infrastructure Architect

Lee Rowlett

Endpoint Architect

Our Facilities

At the heart of Terafirma are our Twin Site Tier III Data Centres. One Data Centre located at the Facilities Management Centre (FMC) which forms the building block for the infrastructure – a highly resilient central hub. A mirror of this facility is also located at Russells Hall Hospital, connected with a 10GB link. The Data Centre at FMC is a Tier III solution, with contingency for loss of power to the building, loss of cooling and any power interruptions. It is in a secure location and is protected from fire, with further resiliency in the form of a back-up generator, capable of taking the ‘full Data Centre' load. Services within the primary site are also duplicated with 2 x core network switches interconnected, 2 x Storage Area Networks and multiple servers, with failover connections, providing high level redundancies.